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Welcome to the NAIROBI PEST CONTROL SERVICES information page. We are the premier provider of GREEN ALTERNATIVE pest control treatments. Our goal is to provide the very best in Eco-freindly pest control services! Because our quality control standards are high, our licensed inspectors and technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the most effective treatment in the most efficient manner. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a SHORT list of our services.


At Nairobi Termite and Pest Control, we strive to use only environmentally-friendly pest control products to safely and effectively remove pests from your home. As part of our termite treatment, we use Bora-Care or Tim-Bor. These treatments offer: Environment Friendly No 3-5 Day Move Out Limited Warranty to Areas Treated Only Virtually Odorless No Roof Damage

STRUCTURAL wood repairs (dry rot/termite damage):

The extent of termite damage to a home depends on the type of termite that has infested the home, how long the home has been infested and the home’s construction type. If a termite infestation is caught early, there may be no damage or only minimal, superficial damage. Many of our customers appreciate that Nairobi Termite and Pest Control can take care of all termite and damage related needs.Wood damage and dry rot go hand and hand with termite infestation. Repairing of this damage is a vital service we provide to our customers.


Rodent (Rats and mice) infesations unattended cause serious health hazards. They leave feces and urine on your insulation in your attic floor and this bacteria build up may cause serious health issues for you and your children. We remove this infested insulation sanitize your attic and replace it with borate insulation to prevent future pest infestations. After removing any remaining dead animals we seal off all entry areas into your home and provide a warranty.

Rats are some of the most loathed rodents on the planet. Larger than a mouse, rats can grow as big as a pound, and are commonly found in fields, farms, wooded areas and vacant lots. But when they start moving into populated areas, especially your home, shed or porch, that’s when you have problems. They’ll burrow their way into chimneys, walls or attics and make a nest, which means, baby rats. Female rats are pregnant for only three short weeks before giving birth to a litter of up to 12 rats at a time. Female rats have up to 6 litters a year. That’s 72 new rats per year – from each female, meaning you could quickly have an army living within your walls. In addition, an overflow of rats runs the risk of attracting other predators that prey on them for food – such as raccoons and squirrels. Just think – a few rats could lead to a whole farm of unwanted pests sharing your home. The only way to safety and permanently get rid of rats is to call in a professional LA exterminators that will handle the removal and prevention of future infestations. The issue with rats is that if you try to handle the removal yourself, you could end up with dead rats on your hands, and we won’t even go into details about the stench they leave. In addition, rats are very dirty animals that carry many diseases harmful to humans, including salmonella, typhus, fever and even plague. If you can avoid the rats, that’s one thing, but avoiding the dangerous fleas, ticks and mites that they carry is another, as these carriers can be harmful to pets.

Everyone knows the story of Europe’s Bubonic Plague: the Black Death swept through the continent in the mid 1300s, killing a quarter of its population. The people thought the disease was spread by cats so they were all killed. However, the plague lived on fleas that had infected the four legged devils – rats. Killing the cats helped lead to the largest tragedy in Europe’s history. Rats continue to be a health hazard in homes and business establishments worldwide. The diseases carried by these vermin today mandate that rat infestations be treated as quickly as possible. Many times, the first impulse when there’s a rat infestation is to try rat poison, but with their keen sense of smell, rats won’t take the bait. The only sure fire way to get these rodents out of your home or your business is to work with an exterminator. Nairobi Pest Control specializes in pest and rat control in Nairobi and the surrounding cities. Our experienced team will help to trap, dispose of and clean up any and all traces of rat life. Contact us TODAY for a free quote


No one should have to share their home with pests of any kind. This is why our Nairobi pest control company is dedicated to providing area residents with eco-friendly, effective, affordable pest control services for a wide variety of pests. We can help with any type of pest problem, including bed bugs in Nairobi, bees, mice, cockroaches and any number of other pests, such as termite control in Nairobi. When you trust our experienced exterminators, Nairobi homes and businesses don’t need to worry about the presence of unwanted pests.Do You Need An Experienced Nairobi County Pest Control Company? The Team AtNairobi Are The Only Nairobi County Residential Exterminators You’ll Ever Need Are you looking for a full-service Nairobi County pest control service that will help you get rid of virtually every type of pest? The reality is that you may have more than one type of infestation in your home or business. Therefore, it is best to hire Nairobi County exterminators that can get rid of any type of pest you may have throughout your facility, seen or unseen. The expert team atNairobi is all you need to meet all of your Nairobi County pest control needs. We aren’t just Nairobi County residential exterminators, we also help businesses and other commercial entities get control of their pest problems.


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